Bandanas . Paper Shuttle
Bandanas . Paper Shuttle Bandanas . Paper Shuttle Bandanas . Paper Shuttle Bandanas . Paper Shuttle

These beautiful screen printed bandanas were designed with an appreciation for mythos and astronomy. The Celestial bandana celebrates the vastness of our universe and our deep connection with the stars. The constellations of the zodiac circle endlessly within the sphere. The Rose Garden bandana is inspired by the Garden of the Hesperides and the never ending quest for paradise.  Screen printed on 100% cotton maroon or midnight blue fabric. Gently hand wash in cold water and hang dry to clean.  22 x 22 inches.

Designed and screen printed by hand by Paper Shuttle in Providence, Rhode Island.

Michael Ezzell, founder of Paper Shuttle, uses a range of media to create his illustrations. In the stories he tells with his printmaking and painting he explores esoteric symbolism and mysticism, weaving characters and icons reminiscent of Greek and Roman myths into new narratives and worlds. Ezzell’s work presents a window through time and reality; an escape into realms of fantasy and wonder. In addition to his fine arts practice, Ezzell is the designer of a line of well-imagined goods. Each piece is rich with symbolism and evokes its own mythology. Ezzell holds a BFA in Illustration from the Savannah College of Art & Design.