Canary Rock Fish Original Watercolor

Canary Rockfish

Sebastes pinniger

The canary rockfish is a rockfish of the northeast Pacific Ocean, found from south of Shelikof Strait in the eastern Gulf of Alaska to Punta Colnett in northern Baja California.

original, 12 inches x 7 inches image size . 10 inches x 13 inches on Arches hot press paper . Frame size 15 inches x 19 inches. 2017 . 

Kelsey Nollette is a watercolorist, graphic designer, and plant enthusiast, with a certification from the University of Washington in Natural Science Illustration. Her artwork is an effort to show what is not seen at first glance; a spotlight on what is beautiful, stark, and serene.  Kelsey hopes to bring attention to the small and unnoticed, from living things beneath our feet that just become part of the landscape without a hand to move the magnifying glass.