Janice Kirstein: Oh, Buoy! - Oil on Panel

Placard Details 

Janice Kirstein, Original Work, Signed by Artist 
‘Oh, Buoy’ - Framed (Matte Black Frame, 1/2") 
Oil on Panel, 8x10
Seattle, WA


Statement from the Artist. 

Since about the age of five, I've identified myself as an artist. During the time I was supposed to be learning how to read, I was coloring. While I was supposed to be finding the area of a trapezoid, I was sketching in the corners of my notebook. My Dad really wanted me to be an engineer. Um, sorry Dad, artist. So with the knowledge that I was meant for making visuals and not bridges (and really humanity is all the better for it) I spent four years of my life studying art (specifically advertising design) at Utah State University. After graduating, I continued my studies at der Hochschule der Kunste in Berlin, Germany on a Carl Duisberg scholarship and then landed in Seattle with the migration of every other 20 year old in the country during the year of '92.  A marriage and a mortgage followed soon after, but in 1996 I picked up my brushes again and was studying with my greatest artistic influence, Henry Stinson. Studying with Henry, I learned about the nuances of color, gained my love of painting outside, and flourished under a compassionate teacher. I have since studied with Jeffery Watts, Zhaoming Wu, Ned Mueller, Jeremy Lipking, and Lois MacFarland. 

I've been teaching an ongoing painting classes with Pat Clayton since 2008. The continual conversation  with my co-teacher and fellow students about how to make great art is one of the greatest joys of my life.  

I am a past president of Plein Air Washingotn Artists and recently received signature membership status with the American Impressionist Society.