Navajo Tapestry . Zanny Adornments
Navajo Tapestry . Zanny Adornments Navajo Tapestry . Zanny Adornments

Handwoven fine art. The vessel is a metaphor for ourselves. A reminder you cannot pour from an empty vessel. An intricately woven textile full of organic texture.  Handwoven with naturally dyed Navajo Churro wool, organic cotton and hand-spun nettle fiber.  Hangs from a smooth and stained wooden dowel.  

Handmade in Austin, Texas by Zanny Adornments.

Zanny Adornments is a collection of art and adornment designed by Zanny Cox in Austin, Texas. Zanny draws on her multicultural heritage and history to influence her art practice. She acknowledges the significance of preserving the historical element of her craft and aims to continue this dialogue in her pieces. It is important to Zanny to give back to the cultures who inspire her, marginalized communities and the conservation of precious nature. This is why each month she donates a portion of her sales to various non-profits amplifying indigenous voices and environmental groups. Her work is an approach to ancient craft with a modern aesthetic. A tangible expression in the boundaries of art, culture and fashion. Every element of her craft tells a story. She believes the process is just as important as the final design. 

Due to the handcrafted nature of this tapestry, you may notice slight variations in the dye color and texture. This is because each piece is made with hand-dyed fiber and woven by hand. The character of a handwoven textile cannot be matched.