Britta Ambauen Fern Charm
Britta Ambauen Fern Charm Britta Ambauen Fern Charm

With a background in women’s outdoor leadership and a lifelong pursuit of the arts, Seattle-based company founder Britta Ambauen was inspired to create a jewelry line that connected the wearer with her intentions of cultivating a fulfilling life. Founded in 2009, her eponymous jewelry line has grown organically over the years with a continued deepening of the founding vision of personal growth, presence, and challenging oneself to face moments of opportunity with an attitude of courage.

In recent years, Ambauen moved her jewelry studio from an urban setting to a space tucked away in a forest. Each season has been abundant with surprises as plants emerge and delight with their form, intricacy, color, and vivacity. In a shaded environment, ferns thrive and she's become acquainted with stunning varieties. Reading about ferns, she's learned they are symbols of magic, fascination, confidence, and shelter. Carved in sterling silver, this petit fern charm is a reminder to stay alert to the bounty afoot that can so easily be passed over in the flow of the day.

  • Sterling silver charm, chain and clasp

  • 16” or 18” chain available

Made in Seattle, WA