Daina . Hoop Ear Jacket

WEAR 4 WAYS - You can layer these as you wish, or even with other/your own studs.

1) Wear as shown with earlobe between the stud and the backplate/jacket

2) Wear with stud and back plate together in front of the earlobe, appearing as one large earring stud.

3) Wear stud only.

4) Pair back plate/jacket with your own stud.

▴ Each piece is handmade. Please expect slight variations between each item and the photograph in the listing.

▴ Raw brass stud is polished with a protective wax.

▴ Earring post is stainless steel (hypoallergenic)

▴ Earring back is silicone (hypoallergenic)


Length: 12 Millimeters; Width: 12 Millimeters


Depending on your lobe size and piercing placement, it may fit you differently.


▴ By nature, all brass will eventually darken over time but can be maintained and polished back to its original shine by rubbing face down in one direction with a brass polishing cloth. Oxidation can be slowed by avoiding wet and humid conditions.

▴ Stainless steel is non-reactive will not change. Complete with silicone backs, these studs are perfect for those with sensitive ears.

Nordy is a Seattle based independent small business. The pieces are simple, effortless, timeless, versatile and with their high-shine, they're just different enough to get noticed. They are the perfect accessories for layering and wearing from day – to – night.