Dog Brush . Zefiro
Dog Brush . Zefiro Dog Brush . Zefiro Dog Brush . Zefiro Dog Brush . Zefiro Dog Brush . Zefiro

The dog brush you have been waiting for. Made with all natural sisal bristles and natural rubber with a bamboo handle. Store your brush in a manner that allows it to dry between uses. 

Designed in Chicago by Zefiro. Manufactured in China.

A number of years back, Zefiro founder became conscious of all the unnecessary plastics in her life. Her sister-in-law educated her on harmful chemicals in our everyday products. Little by little she noticed it became harder and harder to shop. Almost everything has unnecessary plastic packaging and ingredients that she did not want around her family.  The products that Zefiro offers are selected based on a few important criteria:
  1. That they’re an alternative to a single use product.
  2. That they are better for both the consumer and the planet 
  3. That they aren’t difficult changes that you will need to incorporate into your life. They’re simple swaps. 
  4. That they’re an affordable alternative.