SFINIGIDAY: Celebrate Beauty, Evolve, Be Unique  

Bathed in the dreamy quality of Seattle's Pacific Northwest light, Sfingiday is a spa for the artistic and olfactory senses.  Sfingiday proudly supports over 100 small production artisans, offering a diverse selection of original paintings, archival prints, handcrafted jewelry, ceramic gifts, aromatic body care, environmental friendly household goods, genuine leather accessories and pieces that defy conventional descriptions.

While we have a strong focus on local producers, distance won't keep us from tracking down unique hand-crafted items. We currently feature artists from the United States, Mexico, the UK, and Canada.  Our shop is ever-evolving. Stagnation, after all, is unpleasant.

Each piece is personally curated by artist and owner, Christine Helen Olson. And like a sweet foster animal, every piece has a story, each looking for its perfect home. With your purchase, you can feel confident knowing you're supporting an artist, a single-parent, a student, a human being. Come by our boutique neighborhood shop in Fremont and have a look around or enjoy our online shop, sfingiday.com, when you'd rather lounge in your PJs. 

Pop in and connect with us. We love a good story and can't wait to share our love of art with you.