The brand name, Sfingiday, comes from the Moth Family, Sphingidae.  The owner, Christine Olson, is always evolving and she developed a brand and company in 2018 that spoke to her desire to grow and change.  She has Swedish roots and went to art school in San Francisco.  Sfingi Day means donut day in Sicily and she attended high school in Northern Italy.  The word spoke to her and all of us at Sfingiday love to hear how everyone tries to pronounce it before knowing the meaning.  Entomologists tell us we have misspelled our name and they are usually the only ones who know what it means.

Christine grew up in an entrepreneur’s family.  Her mom and dad both owned retail stores when she was born.  She was doted on and cared for at her parent’s fabric store in Fairfax, Virginia by amazing, creative women.  At the age of five, Christine was “helping” her grandmother at Stretch & Sew headquarters. (Sorry to all of the employees who had to clean up her creative messes and Snickers wrappers!) Christine would get off the plane for the summer and head to the warehouse and watch long-time family friends like John Wheeler load shipments of patterns and folks like Mary Lynn Minney designing in R&D.  “Chrissy”! look at this pale pink taffeta your Grandma Ann Person is using to make your sixth grade graduation dress you sketched! Then a pattern would evolve and the magicians behind the scenes would write out copy and instructions.  By her teen years, she was calling folks for collections and working various sides of the business as her summer job.  She learned so much watching a successful company evolve and grow in many ways.  She would get into long discussions with her grandmother throughout her life on how she did what she did.  It took a village and she told Christine she was always preparing for whatever came next.  She said to live without fear and to try new things.  

Christine’s Swedish Grandfather Herb Olson had a jewelry business and retail store in Eugene, Oregon called Olson’s Jewelers and her other Swedish Grandfather on her mother’s side owned and invested in several businesses in Oregon, Kentucky and Oklahoma.

All of Christine’s grandparents had passed away by the time she started Sfingiday, but she drew on their stories and her own memories of their business ventures when she founded her company.  Christine was the step daughter of an Army officer and the daughter of an Artist, and she traveled and moved around the United States and Europe visiting art museums and galleries getting first-hand regional knowledge of many cities and states throughout her life.  She still draws on that upbringing when visiting with customers and vendors from around the country both online and in her two shops in Austin and Seattle.

Christine has a remarkable team in Seattle who operate the business in Fremont and she is on the ground floor of starting her new Austin shop.  She curates every item in both stores.  Christine is a professional fine art painter and has shown her work throughout the northwest.  She prefers to paint what she wants now and you can find her work on the walls of both stores… alongside hundreds of other artists and small business owners! 

Sfingiday has helped build small brands into larger companies and has chosen and sought out diverse companies to represent since 2018.  We have carried Marley’s Monsters reusable goods from the very beginning and we were the first to bring their work to Seattle.  We love eco goods, ceramics, fiber art and jewelry… and we also love fine art and contemporary rustic aesthetics.  You will find everything from handmade napkins to 5 foot abstract paintings on our walls.  Elegant jewelry from makers like Lingua Nigra out of Chicago to Britta Ambauen from Seattle.  Christine has always selected goods from makers and artists in Austin and is continuing to build the Austin shop to be a little more prickly pear and the Seattle shop to be a little more mountain.  

Sfingiday is a woman-owned small business headquartered in Austin, Texas with a second shop in Seattle, Washington.  She would not be able to do the business without the support of her husband, Will, who has worked in the natural food business for 26 years and her two teenage children who are the reason we have gigantic stickers that say “Okay Boomer” and “Fire”.  It’s 2022 as we write this and Sfingiday has overcome and persevered through a catastrophic arson fire six months after opening (the fire started behind our Seattle shop at Red Star Taco and we rebuilt the business within six months), a pandemic (where we ultimately let all employees go because we didn’t have large grants awarded to us and we didn’t know how to protect them from Covid before vaccines were available) and a family move to Austin.  We are still here and we have the most amazing people in place now in Seattle growing the shop there and we have a TON of new ideas for our shop in Austin.  Come be a part of our community.  Stop by and try on some earrings.  Smell some candles.  Check out our art prints.  Buy and send a gift box to a friend.  We can’t wait to see you.

SFINIGIDAY: Celebrate Beautiful Goods.  

Sfingiday proudly supports over 200 small production artisans, offering a diverse selection of original paintings, archival prints, handcrafted jewelry, ceramic gifts, aromatic body care, environmental friendly household goods, genuine leather accessories and pieces that defy conventional descriptions.

While we have a strong focus on local producers, distance will not keep us from tracking down unique hand-crafted items. We currently feature artists from the United States, Japan, Mexico, the UK and Canada.  Our shop is ever-evolving. 

Each piece is personally curated by artist and owner, Christine Helen Olson. With your purchase, you can feel confident knowing you are supporting artists from all backgrounds, single-parents, families, sole proprietors, students, human beings. Come by our boutique neighborhood shops in Fremont and South Lamar and have a look around or enjoy our online shop, sfingiday.com.

Pop in and connect with us. We love a good story and can't wait to share our love of art with you.  We celebrate our own small business and support so many other small businesses.


Christine, Meg, Aziza, Ana, Amelia, Olivia, Jessica and Adriana.

Return and Exchange Policy

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Please note the following exceptions to our return and refund policy:

• Discounted items are final and cannot be returned or exchanged
• Exchanged items must have tags still on and be returned in original product packaging
• Exchanged items must have no visible signs of wear or use 
• Bath, Body, Nailpolish, Lotions and Clothing are all final sale.