Gold Plated Earrings . 100 Circles
Gold Plated Earrings . 100 Circles Gold Plated Earrings . 100 Circles Gold Plated Earrings . 100 Circles


The Maker:

Alicia Goodwin (Chicago, 1980) has been creating jewelry since childhood, but it wasn’t until she was earning her degree at The State University of New York Fashion Institute of Technology that she realized that creating impactful work in metal was her true calling. During her 18 years of living in New York City, Alicia worked for many talented small designers and also larger jewelry brands, all the while adding work to her own unique line of jewelry.

The Process:

The work is created using several techniques, most notably acid etching and also metal reticulation. Each approach yields random texture that can never be predicted during process. The final result is metal with a mix of textures based on time and chance. Shapes are then cut out of the work, or cast items created from wax receive texture. During one of the final steps of the process, the texture becomes even more trans-formative when electroplated with 22kt gold.

About the product: 

Delicately textured circles surround themselves into a lightweight gold hoop. Created by hand in brass, then cast. This earring is a true beauty.

    • Measures approx. 50mm or 2" from top to bottom.
    • Brass casting, 22kt gold plate 
    • Sterling earwire

              Handmade in Chicago by Alicia Goodwin/Lingua Nigra