Beeswax 8" Taper Pair
Beeswax 8" Taper Pair Beeswax 8" Taper Pair

Handmade beeswax taper candles, made from 100% beeswax and cotton wicking. The artisan, time honored style of hand dipping makes lovely candles that burn evenly and long. Beeswax is renown for burning longer, cleaner and brighter than any other wax. When lit, beeswax candles will  pull dust, allergens and toxins out of your sweet home air. Beeswax tapers will burn soot free and virtually drip-less if kept out of drafts.

Size: 8 inches long x 7/8 inches in diameter

Each candle burns 8-10 hours

Note: This item comes as a set of two candles

Made in Washington by Farmer's Daughter, Beehive Mercantile.