Blue Stripe Hand Towel . The Riley/Land Collection

100% Turkish Cotton that will soften and become more absorbent over time. Sourced thoughtfully directly from Turkey. 

Handmade in Nashville, Tennessee by The Riley/Land Collection.

In 2013, fresh off a 4-year stint planning parties in Trinidad, Joseph Riley Land was anxious to move back to New York and start something new.  What started out as a gourmet pantry quickly shifted into a lifestyle brand, as Joseph began adding wooden kitchen wares to the collection. The pieces, all handmade by friends of his parents – from trees that came from Joseph’s family farm in Tennessee – each have a unique look and appeal. He moved to Nashville and set up shop, where the wooden wares took over the starring role. With much easier access, Joseph amped up the collection and now The Riley/Land Collection is known for their unique wooden pieces: new family heirlooms, as Joseph is quick to call them.