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Books . Self Help and Recipe . W & P Books . Self Help and Recipe . W & P Books . Self Help and Recipe . W & P Books . Self Help and Recipe . W & P Books . Self Help and Recipe . W & P Books . Self Help and Recipe . W & P

Away & Aware Book

As our daily lives are increasingly dominated by devices and an always-connected mentality, more people are using their precious vacation time as an opportunity to unplug and re-engage with their surroundings—and themselves. Away & Aware is a complete guide to creating such an experience, whether traveling alone or in a group with tips and advice for planning off-the-grid trips, minimalist packing, unplugging on the road and connecting with local culture. Hardcover with 130 pages and 6 x 8 inches.

Infuse Cookbook

Infuse is a recipe book filled with fresh and flavorful oil, spirit and water infusions. In Infuse they share not only their favorite infusion recipes but also how to use them in food and cocktails, like a spicy chili oil added to a grilled pizza bianca or a hot toddy spiked with peach bourbon. With more than 50 recipes, Infuse provides instructions, quick tips and plenty of inspiration for how you can make delicious infusions part of your everyday. Softcover with 175 pages and is 9 x 9 inches.

Lunch Cookbook

The LUNCH! cookbook takes the guesswork out of grocery shopping, prepping and assembling healthy (and Instagram-worthy) midday meals. With chapters built around three main ingredients, the book demonstrates how to make 10 weeks of exciting lunches (50 recipes in all!) without getting bored or breaking your budget. Hardcover with 232 pages and 8 x 8 inches.

Yoga Manual

Are you curious about yoga but don't know how to get started? Intimidated by all the chanting and breathwork or worried that you can't even touch your toes? Let The Yoga Man(ual) be your guide. This approachable book covers everything from the basics and benefits of yoga to how to master a handstand and includes dozens of essential poses you need to develop your own practice–whether at the studio, at home or on the road. Softcover with 192 pages and is 8 x 8 inches.

Designed in New York, New York by W&P and manufactured in China.

Founded in 2012 by Josh Williams and Eric Prum, W&P creates modern kitchen products that improve the way we eat and drink everyday. As college roommates and best friends, Josh and Eric shared a passion for crafting great food, even better cocktails and memorable experiences with friends. It became their mission to empower others with these better, more modern and fun-to-use tools.