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Beautifully Organized . A Guide to Function and Style in Your Home
Author, Nikki Boyd, shares her best advice for how to create an organized, beautiful, and welcoming home. Nikki developed and honed her five essential steps to an organized home through her experience working as a professional organizer. In Beautifully Organized, Nikki teaches you to assess your home to transform the spaces within to enhance your lifestyle, declutter and curate your possessions to keep what is useful and meaningful, clean with efficiency, adding an element of pleasure to everyday tasks, organize so you can find what you need, when you need it and beautify and decorate to create a welcoming atmosphere for family and friends. 

Big Thrift Energy
Antiquing can be intimidating: how do you know if a piece is worth salvaging? How do you navigate the piles of merchandise at a thrift store or estate sale? Part resource, part inspiration, Big Thrift Energy from author Virginia Chamlee is a comprehensive guide that offers tips for thrifting that you never knew you needed: How to shop for the good stuff, how to upcycle and style vintage treasures in your home, and even advice for flipping your most-coveted items to turn a profit.

The Happy Homebody 

This is a celebration of all the simple pleasures of hanging out at home. Written and illustrated by fellow introvert Elizabeth Gray, this book is filled with musings about the cozy, creative adventures to be had in the great indoors. Inspirational quotes, self-care tips, and light-hearted activities and journaling prompts remind you that laying low is cool—and actually healthy for you.

Modern Crochet
Author and creator, Teresa Carter makes crochet accessible. She teaches the basics including choosing the proper tools and how to read a pattern. From luxe throw blankets to sleek baskets, a cozy infinity scarf to a casual summer clutch, Carter’s fresh, contemporary patterns lend a chic, minimalist vibe to seasonal home decor and fashion projects.

Urban Quilting
A comprehensive guide from author Wendy Chow for both first-time quilters and those looking for a refresher course, Urban Quilting teaches you everything you need to know about this timeless craft. Each pattern contains instructions for three different quilt sizes, with designs that feature bold colors and geometric shapes that will stand out and look stunning in your home. Contains 10 quilt designs, each with patterns for 3 sizes, for making up to 30 quilts.

You Are Loved
On these pages, artist and pastor Jenessa Wait offers truth, hope, and faith for whatever you may be facing. Whether you are celebrating a milestone birthday, starting a new job or retiring, or becoming a new mom, You Are Loved will help life your spirits in every season of life.  This beautifully designed book is filled with Scripture and messages that will encourage you to live a more courageous and wholehearted life. 

Published in Bend, Oregon by Blue Star Press.

Blue Star Press publishing focuses on the arts, creative processes, wellness and witty non-fiction. They collaborate with wildly creative authors and independent artists. Their team of thinkers, designers and wordsmiths brings talent and hard work to every project, with a deep commitment to publishing Bold Fine Print in service of their mission to inspire wellness through creative expression.