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Self Care Books . Red Wheel . Weisler Self Care Books . Red Wheel . Weisler Self Care Books . Red Wheel . Weisler Self Care Books . Red Wheel . Weisler Self Care Books . Red Wheel . Weisler Self Care Books . Red Wheel . Weisler Self Care Books . Red Wheel . Weisler Self Care Books . Red Wheel . Weisler
Your Guide to Forest Bathing
The bestselling guide to forest bathing with a new section of hands-on forest bathing practices and space for journal entries and reflections. Simply being present in the natural world, with all of our senses fully alive, can have a remarkably healing effect. It can also awaken in us our latent but profound connection with all living things. This is “forest bathing,” a practice inspired by the Japanese tradition of shinrin-yoku. It is a gentle, meditative approach to being with nature and an antidote to our nature-starved lives that can heal our relationship with the more-than-human world. Here you will discover a path that you can use to begin a practice of your own that includes specific activities presented by Amos Clifford, one of the world’s most experienced forest bathing experts. Whether you are in a forest or woodland, public park or just your own backyard, this book will be your personal guide as you explore the natural world in a way you may have never thought possible.  
 5 x 7 inches.
The Language of Houseplants: Harness Healing and Energy in the Home
Paperback by Cheralyn Darcy. Every plant has a meaning, energy and qualities that will enhance your life and the spaces you live and work within. This guide features 44 popular houseplants, each beautifully illustrated with vintage artworks and an in-depth explanation and exploration of the characteristics, meanings and qualities that can help you create an indoor haven of healing, calm, balance and love for all those who live and work within it. Included are indoor gardening care guides and helpful tips, resource lists of plants for each month, meanings, gift guide and uses as well as ways for you to discover the language of any plant to ensure happy and healthy plants and help you grow a thriving bond between you and your plants.


Plant Spirit Medicine 
Hardcover.  Our modern world is travelling at such a speed, we have become separated from the natural world, which should be sustaining us physically, emotionally and spiritually. This book is about reconnecting with nature and the plants in our environment; it is also about learning to listen to the plants and applying what they have to tell us to mend that disconnection. Here you will learn how to listen to the plant spirits and access their medicine. You will also learn about plant spirit medicine making, from drying herbs to extracting plant properties to infusing oils and how to make ointments, lotions, creams, smudge sticks and more herbal products. Plant Spirit Medicine can help heal the parts of our soul and psyche that so desperately need it at this time in the story of humanity.

Red Wheel/Weiser publishes books and decks that expand the mind, heal the body, nurture the spirit and provide tools and inspiration for improving lives.  They also distribute titles for Rockpool, Hierophant, Witches’ Almanac, Ibis and more.  
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