Bud Vases . Whimsy by Wyeth
Bud Vases . Whimsy by Wyeth Bud Vases . Whimsy by Wyeth Bud Vases . Whimsy by Wyeth Bud Vases . Whimsy by Wyeth

All bud vases made by Whismy by Wyeth are handcrafted on the potters wheel, using high quality stoneware clay that mimics porcelain. 2.75 inches high. The small, bud vase is perfect for gifting, being used for plant propagation, holding air plants, a small flower or simply serving as a decoration. They also make great party favors for birthdays, bridal or baby showers.  

Made in San Diego, California by Whimsy by Wyeth.

Wyeth, the artist behind Whimsy by Wyeth, grew up surrounded by the intimacy of nature’s influences and the draw of the ocean. For as long as she can remember, she has always been making. Then, in high school, Wyeth became intrigued by the potter’s wheel and the forgiving tactility of clay. From there, she began teaching herself the craft. At the time, she had no idea what an important role pottery would play in her life. She attended Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York, graduating with honors and earning her BFA in 2020. Her four years in the marvel that is America’s metropolitan icon further formed her style with a uniquely modern touch and the utmost attention to detail. From this foundation, Whimsy was born.  Wyeth currently resides in San Diego, California, where her love of the ocean and cosmopolitan lifestyle have found their zenith. Her works of pottery and paper reflect her distinct artistic vision of modern elegance and natural aesthetics. Craftsmanship is her primary focus, as she aspires to create long lasting functional artworks that spark joy with every use. All wares are handmade by Wyeth out of her small home studio. 

Please note that while all pieces are as close to identical as possible, they of course have slight variations in glazing i.e. drips, color gradience, size etc. All are imperfectly "perfect".