Earth Almanac
Earth Almanac Earth Almanac Earth Almanac Earth Almanac
Earth Almanac presents the greatest hits of North American nature.  Structured around phenology, which is the study of seasonal patterns in nature, the day-by-day descriptions offer insight into activities and connections throughout the natural world. Beginning with the Winter Solstice in December, Earth Almanac highlights a wide range of natural history, including mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, insects, intertidal and marine life, trees, plants, fungi, weather phenomenon, geology, astronomy, notable environmental activists and more, and reveals the ebb and flow of nature across the planet. Each season features more than 90 entries and sidebars throughout provide calls to environmental action, citizen science opportunities and details on special dates or holidays. The book can be enjoyed one day, month or season at a time--dip in and out as you observe the world around you.

Published in Seattle, Washington and printed in the United States by Mountaineers Books.

Located in Seattle, Washington and founded in 1960 Mountaineers Books is the nation's leading independent publisher of outdoor recreation, lifestyle and conservation books. They have more than 700 titles in print and distribute the books of other like-minded outdoor publishers.