Sake Cups . Matt Fishman
Sake Cups . Matt Fishman Sake Cups . Matt Fishman Sake Cups . Matt Fishman Sake Cups . Matt Fishman Sake Cups . Matt Fishman Sake Cups . Matt Fishman

2.5 x 2 3/8 inches. 4 ounces.  Made by hand using the pinching method, which makes for an organic shape and subtle surface indentations. The clay used for this piece was collected in the Sierra Nevada foothills and minimally processed in small batches to allow much of the original contents of the clay to remain. The piece was glazed with a slurry of crushed local rocks, clays and wood ashes before being fired in a gas kiln to 2400 Degrees Fahrenheit. The resulting work is unique in that it cannot ever be fully recreated, and is expressive of a particular place—Northern California. The coloration on these range from white to blue to green to grey. The surface texture ranges from glassy to a matte stone-like finish.

Handmade in California by Matt Fishman Pottery.

Working in Bay Area kitchens for the past ten years has greatly impacted Berkeley artist Matt Fishman's work. It has become his long-term goal to incorporate the philosophies of the food world into the ceramic world. The earthy, rustic feel of his work provides a unique record of the geology of Northern California and a stand-apart addition to the world of ceramics. Several times a year Fishman will make a trip to the Sierra foothills to collect a refractory clay that makes up the majority of his clay body. Rocks, minerals and plant ashes are also found throughout the area to be used in glaze making. He processes these in small batches, allowing various "impurities" to remain. While industrial ceramics remove these for a more consistent product, Fishman leaves them in to make for a dynamic end result, full of character and variation. By utilizing local materials he hopes to give a sense of place and celebrate the geology unique to the Northern California region, much the same as farmers or vintners do with food and drink. Due to the highly natural/foraged and handmade process please allow for a variance in glaze work and sizing.