Giant Duffel . Recycled . Torrain
Giant Duffel . Recycled . Torrain Giant Duffel . Recycled . Torrain Giant Duffel . Recycled . Torrain

This duffle is gigantic. You can probably fit inside it. It is great for gear—camping, road trips, sports and storage. Fully lined, side cargo pockets, removable nylon strap, interior zip and slip pockets.  26 x 27 x 13 inches.

Designed by Torrain in Portland, Oregon. Handmade globally.

Torrain’s story began in the rural farmlands of Cambodia where a local woman decided to take action in her community. Farmers were not only living in poverty but also in a toxic environment. This woman noticed that pesticides and solid waste used for the growing and shipping of cement, fish feed and other products were piling up and not being disposed of properly. She began purchasing the discarded materials from the communities and recycling it. She then employed local families to wash, dry and sew the materials into durable, water resistant and colorful tote bags.  In 2009, while visiting a night market in Cambodia, Nyla Jano noticed the recycled materials and met this wonderful Cambodian woman. They discussed the opportunity for Nyla to design her own products which, the artisans would then produce in the comfort of their communities. Upon learning the backstory of the artisans and the recycled materials, Nyla became inspired to create Torrain; a company that contributes to Cambodian artisans’ well being while encouraging style with a global conscience.  Since the onset of Tordain, Nyla has found an eye for materials all over the globe and has expanded the production process. Torrain now sources and gathers materials from countries like South Africa, Morocco and the US and works with local sewers in the Pacific Northwest as well as artisans in Cambodia to finish the process.