Illuminating Facial Serum
Illuminating Facial Serum Illuminating Facial Serum

This is a cream or moisturizer replacement that contains the secret to great looking skin. The "dry" oils included make sure that it will soak in, for a non-greasy but soft finish. 

Unlike a cream or typical moisturizer, this blend contains NO added water, preservatives, emulsifiers or fillers. Each ingredient is chosen for its active qualities.

How to Use: After cleansing, spread 2-3 drops on the face and allow it to soak in for one minute. Makeup or sunscreen can be applied on top. No additional face moisturizer is needed - the serum replaces a face creme or moisturizer. Serum can be used twice daily.

Scent: A hint of frankincense with balancing rose. Slight herbal and earthy undertones from the natural base oil scents.

1 oz net weight | recyclable and re-useable glass packaging | pure essential oils | 100% natural and earth-derived 

Handmade in California by Pure + Native (No Tox Life)