Keep Your Heart Open . Sticker . Sfingiday
Keep Your Heart Open . Sticker . Sfingiday Keep Your Heart Open . Sticker . Sfingiday

Designed by Sfingiday. © 2022 Sfingiday. 3 x 3 inches.  Borderless.  Waterproof coating. Online Only.  Pale pink background, dark grey text with the words: “Keep Your Heart Open”.

Designed by Sfingiday.  Made in the United States.

Sfingiday was founded by Christine Olson in 2018. She opened the shop in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood in the summer of 2018.  On the first day, we sold one greeting card.  That was partly because we only had greeting cards for sale! Originally, she planned to make the space her painting studio selling a few friend’s pieces.  In time, Christine listened to the Fremont community and brought in even more work and handmade goods.  Fast forward to 2022, and we have survived a catastrophic fire in the space (6 months after opening!) and a pandemic that moved the shop to delivery and online shipping only.  We are now bustling forward with a wonderful team of dedicated creative spirits running the Fremont shop.  We represent and buy and sell from hundreds of artists and small businesses throughout the world.   More to come in Sfingiday’s future, so stand by and thank you for your support.  We truly do dance happily every time we make a sale.