Lavender Linen Spray

Handcrafted by in the US, these soap dishes are designed to allow water to drain through, extending the life of the bar. Product of North Carolina, vendor donates 10% of proceeds to charity 

This Natural Linen Spray brings the calming scent of lavender into your everyday life.  Whether you are freshening kitchen and bath towels, adding a little scent to your clean laundry, or spritzing pillowcases before bed, our lavender linen spray introduces balance, peace, and tranquility to your life in small and subtle ways.

The spray bottle is offered in a recyclable plastic bottle with a mini trigger sprayer.  For best results give the bottle a little shake before using.

Net Weight - 8 oz

Note: The trigger has a tab on the side that will "lock/unlock" the trigger to allow for spraying.  If your bottle arrives with the trigger in the locked position simply press the tab.

Ingredients: water, witch hazel extract, essential oil