Lip Balm . Lulu Organics
Lip Balm . Lulu Organics Lip Balm . Lulu Organics Lip Balm . Lulu Organics Lip Balm . Lulu Organics

A natural lip balm that is practical and pretty. Moisturizing hemp, olive, jojoba, almond, and coconut oils paired with beautiful essential oil based flavors make for a luxurious lip balm experience. The slender, petite container makes it convenient to carry in your purse or pocket. You won’t want to leave home without one.

Cardamom: A heady and exotic cardamom is subtly paired with peppermint and a hint of tangerine. 

Ruby Mint: A cool combination of spearmint & peppermint oils with a touch of ruby color.

Petroleum, Paraben, and Gluten Free.

*organic hemp oil, *organic olive oil, *organic jojoba oil, *organic almond oil, *organic coconut oil, beeswax, *organic essential oils *organic alkanet root, *organic beet root   /  *Certified Organic

Handmade by Lulu Organics in Minneapolis, MN.

Lulu Organics was founded by Linda 'Lulu' Aldredge in New York City, in 2007.  After a decade working in the beauty and fashion industry she wanted to follow more of a passion than a career.  She studied herbalism as a hobby and for fun foraged for edible and medicinal herbs on my land in upstate NY.  She would boil them down into herbal medicines and beauty products. 

She was inspired to start a company simply because she felt like her desires weren't met by the corporate beauty industry — she wanted simple, pared-down products with food-grade ingredients and no preservatives — much less chemicals she couldn't decipher (or pronounce).  From there, Lulu Organics was born.