Recycled Guatemalan Glass Appetizer Bowls
Recycled Guatemalan Glass Appetizer Bowls Ramekin Pictured for Size Reference Recycled Guatemalan Glass Appetizer Bowls
A handmade lifestyle brand, Sobremesa by Greenheart supports fair trade, environmental sustainability, and conscious consumerism. The word ‘sobremesa’ means ‘over the table,’ and the name is inspired by the Spaniards’ tradition of lingering after a meal to savor the conversation and company of others.

Chicago-based Greenheart International uses traditional craft labor to produce their goods including the revival of a glass blowing factory in Guatemala - each product is designed to empower the artisans and strengthen their community, while reminding consumers to remain conscious of ethical labor standards and sustainable production methods. 


About the Product 

Handmade Recycled Glass! 

This small, dishwasher-safe, glass dish is skillfully hand blown in Guatemala and measures approximately  4.5" D x 2.25" H* 


*Due to the handmade process, please allow for minimal variations of sizing and color application