Room Spray . Dilo

Dilo Room Sprays are made in Philadelphia with fine fragrance oils that are free of phthalates.  Made with 1.75 ounces of fine fragrance oil and naturally sourced distilled water.  No. 12 Winter Rose and Pine, is a combination of notes of rose petals, fresh cut pine, cranberry and hibiscus. Two to Three mists of Room Spray will slowly fill a medium sized space.  Top: Red Rose Petals, Cranberry, Eucalyptus. Heart: Pine Needles, Hibiscus. Base: Balsam Fir, Amber Directions: Spray between 1-3 mists of Room Spray. Be careful not to spray into eyes or mouth. 

Handmade by Dilo in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Dilo makes good quality products while creating culture, providing jobs and being a representative of small business based in Philly.