San Juan Air / Car Freshener . Good & Well Supply Co.

Seattle-based Good and Well Supply Co. has transformed their National Park line of candles into car fragrances! Fresheners are hand-dipped in small batches and designed for hanging on the rearview mirror to provide subtle fragrance in your car. They can also be used in other small spaces like bathrooms, closets and drawers. Avoid direct contact with surfaces and keep out of reach of children and pets.

Made in Seattle by Good & Well Supply Co.

Megan McLaughlin, the proprietor and chandler, started Good + Well Supply Co. after exploring America’s National Parks on a year-long road trip. Living from her tent in public lands across the country, she inhaled the scents and sights experienced by the people of this continent for hundreds and thousands of years. Now located in the verdant Pacific Northwest, Megan and her small team create small batch goods - including soy candles, incense, and grooming products - as a way to pass on her love of this natural world to you. With a landscape of coastal islands, evergreen forests, lush valleys and snow-capped mountains from which to draw, she strives to bring the best of nature to your home, wherever you may be.