Simple Dish
Simple Dish Simple Dish Simple Dish Simple Dish

A simple and beautiful ceramic catch-all. A lovely space to place jewelry, store incense, to rest your sage or palo santo, soap/sponge dish -- or any other home decor idea you come up with! They all measure roughly 8” long and 4" wide.

Created with speckled clay and a dipped blend of two glazes. (Each glaze pattern is unique.) All glazes are lead free.

Given the unique nature of the pieces being sold, the photos and any measurements listed have been used to portray, in general, the item. Slight differences in size and shape are not considered flaws. Variations inherent in the handmade process are to be expected.

Hand built, glazed and fired in SLO, Ca.

Roaming Barefoot grew out of a life long love for creating art in a wide variety of mediums. Each one of a kind piece is hand built, fired and glazed in their little home studio. She is a one woman shop and thus her essence is thoughtfully put into each and every piece. Her hope is for the energy behind each piece to invoke the importance of spending time in nature and taking time for pause and meditation.