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All soap bars are phthalate, nitro musk, artificial detergent, silicone, preservative and palm oil free.  Please store your handmade soap bar in a well-draining dish to insure a long shelf life, and keep out of the sun. Due to the hand-cut and handmade nature of the bars, sizes and colors may vary. The high olive oil recipe makes this a milder bar and it is high in vitamin E. Cold process soaps also have naturally occurring glycerin, which draws moisture to your skin. Soap Distillery soaps are perfect for everyday use.  4 ounces.


Perfect whenever you need a pick me up, Limoncello, is a bright and citrusy but creamy blend of essential oils infused in a soap with poppy seeds and calendula petals. It's mildly scrubby and will turn even the darkest of winter days into bright ones. Perfect for those who get a little down in the colder seasons. It's a little slice of sunshine that you can give yourself whenever you'd like. Naturally fragranced. Ingredients: saponified oils—coconut, olive, sunflower,  essential oil blend, yellow clay, poppy seeds, rosemary leaf extract, annatto seed powder. 

Honey Whiskey

The sweet natural scent of cinnamon is blended with black pepper, vanilla and raw honey to create this deliciously sweet and spicy scent. This soap contains oats for a bit of scrubby and might even smell a little like an oatmeal cookie.  Naturally fragranced.  Ingredients: saponified oils: coconut, olive, sunflower, natural fragrance and essential oil blend, raw honey, oats, rosemary leaf extract.


A classic, kept classy. Smoked oak wood combined with a touch of sweetness from vanilla and a sprinkle of spices are blended to create this all time favorite scent. This is a favorite scent of both men and women and has added ground clove for a light exfoliation. 4 ounces.  Ingredients: saponified oils (coconut, olive, sunflower)  essential oil and phthalate free fragrance oil blend, ground cloves, rosemary leaf extract.

Elderflower Mimosa

Elderflower liqueur has the ability to make even the blandest cocktail slightly more upscale. The flower petals themselves do not carry much scent, as the essential oil doesn't heavily reside in the petals but the scent that it does carry is a very mild honeyed citrus fragrance with a hint of white floral. Take that scent and combine it with freshly squeezed oranges and a popped bottle of champagne, and you have got an Elderflower Mimosa. Ingredients: saponified oils—coconut, olive, sunflower, essential oil and phthalate free fragrance oil blend, calendula petals, french pink clay, rosemary leaf extract.

Mint Mojito

A refreshing blend of peppermint, spearmint, juicy lime and just a touch of spicy rum.  It is such a refreshing summer scent, but also great for whenever you need to feel like you're on a patio sipping a cocktail. Crushed mint leaves and poppy seeds. Exfoliate your skin and wake up your senses.  Ingredients: saponified oils (coconut, olive, sunflower) essential oil blend, mint leaves, poppy seeds, oxides, rosemary leaf extract. 

Handmade in Chicago, Illinois by Soap Distillery.

Soap Distillery draws inspiration from a cocktail they were drinking while trying to come up with scent ideas— an Old Fashioned… and, boom, Soap Distillery was born. Since 2012, Soap Distillery has been a team that creates a myriad of natural and phthalate free products. Bar soaps, liquid wash, beard and hair care and more. To this day, they still create everything by hand and everything from scratch.