Stickers . Sarah Day Arts
Stickers . Sarah Day Arts Stickers . Sarah Day Arts Stickers . Sarah Day Arts
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Made of high-quality vinyl, these stickers can withstand even tough outdoor conditions and long-term exposure to direct sunlight. 4-5 inches.

Sticker sheets, featuring winged or plant friends, friends measure 4 x 6 inches and are made of the same high quality matte vinyl as other opaque stickers. They are also water-resistant. Individual stickers on each sheet range from 0.75 - 2 inches. 

Stickers are suitable for a variety of applications: water bottles, phone cases, day planners, scrapbooks, etc! 

Designed in San Diego by Sarah Day Studio.

San Diego's self-described Jewish artist Sarah Day began creating visual works in 2015 as a way to cope with some massive life changes, while battling a chronic illness that required her to give up a career in education and music. Drawing began as something fun to do to relieve stress and pain, but the more she did, the more she wanted to do. With the support of her very first customers and Instagram followers (most of whom were friends who wanted to help propel her work), she slowly built the confidence and skills to turn a newfound passion into the business and products you see here today.