Winter Berry Crown / Neckpiece
Winter Berry Crown / Neckpiece Winter Berry Crown / Neckpiece

Cast handmade paper and brass petals, with freshwater pearls, on a hammered and twined brass circlet. Can be worn either as a crown or a neckpiece. 

The petals are made by dipping brass forms into handmade abaca paper pulp repeatedly and allowing it to dry so each one develops a translucent paper skin. They are then hand-dyed, and sealed to make them waterproof and durable.

Each end terminates in two loops, so you can secure it to your hair with bobby pins, tie it on with a piece of ribbon, or just tuck it into your hair. If you want to wear it as a neckpiece, I can add a clasp on request, for no extra charge, though the piece will stay in place around your neck without it. 

VERSO: A papermaking & metalsmithing studio in Everett, WA.