Taper Candles . Botanica
Taper Candles . Botanica Taper Candles . Botanica Taper Candles . Botanica

Botanica taper candles are dipped over 20 times by hand, creating the ideal taper–dripless and smokeless–perfect for dinner parties and creating warm, homey ambiance. These Zodiac Tapers are slightly textured for a handmade finish, and beautifully dyed in an array of shades. Each box includes five candles. Each candle is 10 inches tall, 7/8 inch in diameter, and burns for approximately 8 hours. Unscented.

Handmade in Vero Beach, Florida by Botanica.

Botanica is a candle and apothecary company committed to supporting charitable organizations with every product they create. Botanica donates $1 from each product sold back to region-specific non-profit organizations in the areas indigenous to their fragrance ingredients. They use the the highest quality of essential and fragrance oils in their collection of products, with the aim of producing beautiful and luxurious products their customers feel good using, as well as purchasing. In their efforts, they hope to work toward the goal of ecological, societal and environmental sustainability. All of their candles and apothecary products are made by hand in Vero Beach, Florida.