New Rules at Sfingiday due to rising case numbers in our area.  In order to protect our family and our community

• No Gaters
• No Bandanas
• No Vented Masks

(Any of the above are okay if combining with a regular mask underneath or over.)

• Your mask must fit above / cover your nostrils and not slip down.

• We do sell disposable masks for $1 each if you have any of the above or you forgot your mask.

• You may not remove your mask inside Sfingiday for any reason.  Do not remove it to smell soap or candles.  This happens a lot and we realize it’s not always intentional, but we will call you out on this and ask you to put your mask back on.  If it happens more than once, we will ask you to leave our store. 

4 People Max in the Store at One Time.

Limit shopping time to 10 minutes on weekends for air safety precautions and courtesy if people are waiting.  
During the week or if no one is waiting, you may make arrangements to shop longer and the owner will take extra precautions.  
Thank you very much. Let’s work together at helping to slow community spread.
Flatten the curve and stay well. is always open and we do deliveries, shipping and pick-up.  Use code: freeship to remove shipping fees for $75+.  Use code: secretseattle if you live within 20 minutes of Fremont.
Email: or message us if you want to schedule  weekday or early/late weekend appointments.

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